New YellowScan Surveyor: World's lightest and most accurate

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New YellowScan Surveyor: World's lightest and most accurate LiDAR solution for Civil Engineering & Mining professionals

Denver, CO, USA - February 22, 2016 -YellowScan is pleased to announce the global launch of its new UAS LiDAR surveying solution with highest accuracy and most be geo-referenced point cloud data:

3cm accuracy - 300 000 shots/s - 1.5 kg

R & D development for the YellowScan Surveyor solution started in early 2015 with the same philosophy and technology foundation that has made the YellowScan Mapper so successful. With a robust and fully integrated system designed to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals and terrain survey, YellowScan Surveyor is quickly and easily adapted to any drone, generating data when and where you need it.

I team has carefully selected and deployed the best high end components for unparalleled performance; for example, the Applanix APX15 GNSS-Inertial board single solution chosen for its highly accurate position and orientation solution for direct geo-referencing.

The YellowScan Surveyor does not replace the YellowScan Mapper, but complements the YellowScan product family with a solution ideally suited for precise topography and demanding requirements for civil engineering and mining applications.

YellowScan will demonstrate its ultralight aerial LiDAR scanning system in Denver-USA on the 25 February in partnership with Juniper Unmanned. The YellowScan will be flown by Aerospace press on their steam UAS.  Register here for the 25th [1]


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