Box and tile proofs

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We received the box and and tile Proofs for review. The box and insert look great. They are sturdy and feel high quality.

The tiles aren't what we hoped for. We requested the same materials as Carcassonne but that was defiantly not what we received. There are two main issues with the tiles. The materials and the puzzle nubs.

When trying to join pieces together some don't fit well, and the nubs tend to get damaged when separated.

Early on we heard from some industry experts that we should not expect the die cut to be satisfactory for our needs. We hoped we could get away with the tolerances but unfortunately the pieces don't fit well. We've decided to remove the nubs. This is disappointing but this change will make the tiles more durable.

The tiles are also much too flimsy. The cardboard delaminates with a little force. We are requesting a new set of proofs with a higher quality material and hope that will resolve the issue.

This round of revisions pushes production out but we are getting very close.

Thanks again,

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